Welcome to Ghost blog version 3.15.3

Now https://errong.win has comment plugin (DISQUS).


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Google Analytics is integrated too.

Google Analytics

first and foremost thing during updating or migrating is export your current ghost content.

Export your content from your current working Ghost blog.
Very very important, backup the json files daily or weekly will do good to you.

Export your content

Once install your new ghost with latest version, then remember Import content from your exported content json file.


  • Use almost same config for your new ghost but with different port.
  • Reuse your nginx conf and ssl certificate, just change proxy_pass port
  • Remember test email configuration works well, it is useful when you have to reset your password.
Test email configuration

Will continue work on new features on this blog, such as :

  • Upload image automatically from clipboard.
  • Don't like members feature in 3.15.3, will send new post to subscribers via Mailgun.
  • Ghost Admin has search function, will bring it to you.