blogger setup

Setup your posting email in your blogger's setting.
You can chose published it immediatly or as a draft

ghost settup

Install Ghost via my hacked ghost.
Install command: ghost install --zip /path/to/
Click here to download

More install config please refer to ghost install --help

Enable Subscribers feature in your Ghost's Labs.
Subcribers is currently still a beta feature, The current version of subscribers does NOT send emails. This will come in a future version.
so I hacked into Ghost core and release it. please first install my hacked version which metioned at the beginning.
By the way, it is just a simple hack, offical ghost will support it later with significant improvements to the Subscribers feature in the future and more integration as we build out our Memberships and Subscriptions features.
If you eager to send post to your Subscribers, you can try my hacked ghost like me.:)

Add your blogger's mail as a subscriber of Ghost.

Now everything is ready.
Once this post published in my ghost, it will be published in my blogger too.

As you can see:

Write one post, published in ghost and blogger at the same time。
Why not go ahead with it.

Send your post to your blogger via Subscribers