English Language : EFFECT and CAUSE VERBS


  • Cause
    The 2008 financial crisis caused several problems for multinational banks

  • Produce
    The medication did not produce the desired effect

  • Lead to
    Several international incidents led to WWII

  • Result in
    The earchquake resulted in thousands of deaths

  • Create
    The increasing rate of crime is creating numerous issues

  • Bring about
    The new regime brought about stricter laws

  • Give rise to
    The election result gave rise to public protests

  • be responsible for
    No one knows who was responsible for the vandalism


  • be caused by
    The governmental collapse was caused by the implementation of unpopular policies

  • be produced by
    The vast majority of air pollution in Europe is produced by fertilisers and animal waste.

  • be brought about by
    Major economic benefits could be brought about by the adoption of solar roofs

  • result from
    Many benefits quickly result from exercise

  • stem from
    Most of our early beliefs stem from our parents

  • be triggered by
    World War I was triggered by the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand

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