English Language : Passive Prepositional Verbs

be aimed at

  • The advertisement was aimed at males between the ages of 18 to 34

be associcated with

  • Drinking milk is often associated with strong bones

be based on

  • The study was based on 10 years of close observation

be regarded/seen as

  • Albert Einstein is regarded as the premier theoretical physicist of the 20th century

be defined as

  • Darkness is defined as the absence of light

be derived from

  • Some medicines are derived from herbs

be divided into

  • Canada is divided into provinces and territories

be involved in

J. Robert Oppenheimer was the primary figure involved in the creation of the atomic bomb.

be known as

  • The Wright Brothers are popular known as the pioneers of humann flight

be prejudiced against

  • Human are often prejudiced againt people they do not understand

be required for

  • Regular sleep is required for good health

be used in

Flamethrowers were first used in WW I

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