How to Set up Mailgun configuration to email newsletters for your Ghost blog

How to Set up Mailgun configuration to email newsletters for your Ghost blog
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This is a step by step blog to guide you how to set up Mailgun sending API keys for your domain and set it up in your self hosted Ghost blog.

Setup Sending API key in Mailgun

login into your Mailgun account, go through the menu steps:
Dashboard -> Sending -> Domain settings -> Sending API keys

Click 'Add sending key'

Input a simple description and click 'Create sending key'

Copy the Sending API key into clipboard

Ghost Email Newsletter Setting

Copy the API key you just created and pasted as Mailgun Private API key.
Select correct Mailgun region and Input Mailgun domain.

PS: please don't include https:// for your domain. Just put the value you have on your Mailgun dashboard. I smartass added  some prefixes  that caused this setup to be stuck there for days.:(


Why do I have to set up Mailgun for newsletters?
Sending bulk email to many recipients using SMTP is not supported. In order to send newsletters from Ghost you’ll need to setup Bulk Mail with Mailgun.
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