How to do AES encryption&decryption in java?

How to do AES encryption&decryption in java?
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show you the code:

Base64 UrlEncoder for query parameter

the key and iv are configured in properties in base64 format. So I use Base64 Decoder decode them before create SecretKeySpec and IvParameterSpec.

new SecretKeySpec(Base64.getDecoder().decode(aliasKey), "AES"),
new IvParameterSpec(Base64.getDecoder().decode(aliasIv)));

Since I am using AES to encrypt query parameter which will be transport via internet. so I use Base64 UrlEncoder for encrption and UrlDecoder for decryption.

return Base64.getUrlEncoder().encodeToString(cipherText);
byte[] plainText = cipher.doFinal(Base64.getUrlDecoder().decode(encryption));


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