How to pass properties from native(Android) to React Native?

How to pass properties from native(Android) to React Native?
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You can pass properties down to the React Native app by providing a custom implementation of ReactActivityDelegate in your main activity. This implementation should override getLaunchOptions to return a Bundle with the desired properties.

The key part is a custom implementation of ReactActivityDelegate

I always like to show you code first before dive deep the implementation.


The guide says how to set app properties via a react root view, but it didn't mention how you can get it.


I fulfilled that part in my custom react activity delegate snippets:


ReactRootView provides a read-write property appProperties. After appProperties is set, the React Native app is re-rendered with new properties. The update is only performed when the new updated properties differ from the previous ones.

I used it in my custom and update the app properties in the Ads status callback.

React Native App.tsx

based on the launch ads state, React app decides show Home component or Interstitial(I used a full screen gif as the loading spinner).

Demo Video

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