oracle-ords-client, a javascript lib to persistent your Oracle Cloud Autonomous JSON Databases via Oracle ORDS Database Management REST API


oracle-ords-client is a JavaScript library that defines a simple and consistent abstraction for interacting with a Oracle Cloud Autonomous Databases via Oracle ORDS Database Management REST API.

declare class OracleORDSClient implements ORDSOAuthClient {
    config: ORDSOAuthClientConfig;
    private access_token;
    private expires_at;
    constructor(config: ORDSOAuthClientConfig);
    putJSONDocument(alias: string, json: JSONValue): Promise<Item>;
    deleteJSONObject(alias: string, id: string): Promise<boolean>;
    queryJSONDocument(alias: string, query: any, payload: any): Promise<Collection>;
    private buildUrl;
    private ensureOauthToken;

npm install oracle-ords-client

github home page

Maximum JSONDocument size: 4.4M

Usage Sample:


How To Setup OAuth Clients to Connect Your Oracle Cloud Autonomous Databases via REST

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