2023, new start! new ghost!

2023, new start! new ghost!

I will develop a professional and responsive web application


Ping me if you want to build a new website, apps, h5 program or any other programers. I am here to help!

New Ghost Version! 5.29.0

New Image Storage Adapter:


with this adapter, the images used by this blog will be stored into oracle autonomous JSON database(which gives you 40G always free space).

New Adsense Account(county Canada), website is under reviewing.

Wish monetize of this blog in this year can match up the google compute engine cost(in fact, almost zero charge).

I will write one post per week day!!!

To archive the above goal, I have a plan:
write 1 post per week day!!!

write 1 post per week day!!!

write 1 post per week day!!!

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